Man's Denim Apron

Man's Denim Apron
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Project Information

by Chris Malone

Size: 33" x 33"



Note: All seams are ½"-wide with right sides together unless otherwise directed.


From black denim, cut:
One 36" x 35" rectangle (apron)
One 10" x 20" rectangle (pocket)
From black stripe ticking, cut:
Three 3" x width of fabric strips (binding and ties)
One 3" x 12" strip, cut on the width (binding at apron top)
One 6" x 20" strip, cut on the width (pocket trim)
  1. Fold the black denim in half lengthwise and follow Diagram #1 to measure and cut the apron shape.
  2. Turn under and stitch a double 1" hem along the bottom edge of the apron.
  3. Turn under and stitch a double ¾" hem on each lower straight side.
  4. Join the three long 3"-wide ticking strips with diagonal seams as shown in Diagram #2. Trim the seam to ¼" and press open.
  5. Press the joined strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Open the strip and press the raw edges almost to the center fold. (Diagram #3) Fold back again at the center and press. Press the 3" x 12" strip in the same way.
  6. Bind the top edge of the apron by slipping the edge of the apron into the center of the 12" prepared binding strip. Stitch close to the edge, catching the apron top and the back of the binding in the stitches. (Diagram #4)
  7. Open the long pieced binding at each end and fold in a ½" hem. Re-fold and press. Find the midpoint of the binding strip and mark with a pin. Beginning 10-1/2" from the marked center, pin the binding to the upper angled sides of the apron. Stitch in place from one end of the binding to the other end, covering the raw edges and creating the ties and neck strap. (Note: You may want slightly longer or shorter straps; adjust the measurement to fit.)
  8. Sew 10" x 20" ticking strip to one long edge of pocket; press seam toward ticking. Turn under and stitch a ½" hem along the remaining long edge of the ticking band. Fold the ticking band down the pocket front 2-5/8" and stitch at each side. (Diagram #5)
  9. Pin the pocket to the apron front, centered about 2" up from the bottom. Sew close to the edge on the pocket sides and bottom. Stitch down the center of the pocket to make two sections.
  10. Sew three buttons to each side of the pocket band and three buttons over the center stitching as shown.

For diagrams and patterns please download the PDF instructions.

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Man's Denim Apron