Striped Ticking Table Runner, Napkin and Napkin Holder

Striped Ticking Table Runner, Napkin and Napkin Holder
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Project Information

Chris Malone

Size: 12" x 68" Runner; 16" x 16" Napkin

Materials for Table Runner

Additional Materials for Napkin and Napkin Holder (one set)


Note: All seams are ½"-wide with right sides together unless otherwise directed.


From the Taupe Stripe Ticking, cut:
Three 13" x 13" squares (runner)
One 18" x 18" square ( each napkin)
From the Apple Green Stripe Ticking, cut:
Two 13" x 13" squares
Two 5" x 13" rectangles
From the Red Stripe Ticking, cut:
Seven 6"-diameter circles (6 for runner, plus one for each napkin holder)
From the Natural Solid Ticking, cut:
Two 13" x 35" rectangles

Table Runner

  1. Arrange the ticking squares as shown in the photo and diagram, alternating the colors and direction of stripes. Place one 5" strip at each end. (Diagram #1) Sew together and press seams open.
  2. Join the two Natural Solid Ticking rectangles together along one 13" side to make a 13" x 69" backing.
  3. Place the batting on a work surface; smooth out with hands. (If batting is very wrinkled, a few minutes in the dryer will help.) Place the backing, right side up on the batting. Place the pieced top, right side down, on top of the backing. Match all the edges and pin in place. Sew all around, leaving an 8" opening along one side. Trim the batting close to the seam and trim the corners. Turn right side out through the opening and press. Fold in the seam allowance on the opening and slip stitch the folded edges together to close.
  4. Stitch down each seam line between the ticking pieces on the runner top. Top stitch all around ¼" from the edge.
  5. To make the red ticking "yo yo" flowers, thread a needle with a doubled length of thread, knotted at the end. Fold a small hem, about 3/16"-wide, on the edge of a red stripe circle and begin to make even gathering stitches. (Diagram #2) Fold and finger press the hem as you stitch all around. Pull tightly on the thread to gather up the edges. Push the hole to the center and knot the thread. (Diagram #3) Using the same thread, sew the button to the center hole. Repeat to make a total of six yo yo's.
  6. Center three yo yo flowers on each short green stripe end. Tack in place or use fabric adhesive, placed on the center back of each circle.

Napkin and Napkin Holder

  1. Fold and press a double ½" hem on all four sides of the 18" x 18" Taupe Stripe square. Stitch close to edge of hem. Topstitch all around close to edge of napkin. (Diagram #4)
  2. Make one yo yo flower from the red stripe circle as in Table Runner, Step #5.
  3. Tack or glue yo yo flower to ribbon, about 14 inches from one end.
  4. Fold the napkin as desired. Wrap the longer end of the ribbon around the napkin to tie at one side with the flower on top.

For diagrams and patterns please download the PDF instructions.

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Striped Ticking Table Runner, Napkin and Napkin Holder